An International Journal Dedicated to the Scientific Study of Buddhist Psychology and Related Disciplines

In recent years we have witnessed an explosion of research investigating the clinical benefits of Buddhist-inspired clinical interventions. The widespread interest in the clinical applications of mindfulness meditation is the most prominent example of this development. While there are many peer-reviewed journals in the social and clinical sciences that publish such work, there are currently no peer-reviewed academic journals dedicated to publishing research specifically on the discourse between Buddhist psychology and western psychology, psychotherapy and clinical science.

We are set to launch such a journal, the Journal of Buddhism and Psychology and hosted by the University of Toronto, that will help to fill in this gap.  The aim of the Journal of Buddhism and Psychology is to publish empirical research, broadly conceived, of a multidisciplinary nature demonstrating the potential of Buddhism to advance our understanding of human behavior. Contributions from the entire range of scientific inquiry are invited and may take the form of empirical research (quantitative or qualitative), literature reviews and meta-analyses, theoretical or conceptual papers, pilot research, and case studies.  Explicit links to the Buddhist teachings are especially encouraged.

We invite you to consider submitting an article to the Journal of Buddhism and Psychology. You can find out more about the journal and the submission process on our website,

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Tony Toneatto, PhD, CPsych

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Buddhism and Psychology