Please note that for this academic year, a blended course containing components of both NEW495 and NEW497 will be offered, under NEW495.


(Application deadline, Tuesday September 15th, noon)

  • Success Beyond Limits (SBL)  – An opportunity for a student passionate about the role of community organizations and alternative programming in supporting the education of high school youth, specifically the African and Caribbean Diaspora.
  • A Different Booklist – An opportunity for a student passionate about the role of culture in building community, specifically the African and Caribbean Diaspora, to gain skills and experience in cultural programming.
  • Hart House Community Based Archives Exhibition Assistant – The placement student will engage with information gathering to identify Community Based Archives in Canada, assist in relationship building with Community Based groups, explore multiple archives and collections and seek out other sources to compile multi-media materials for an exhibition that explores the importance of Community Based Archives, the power of story-telling, information and evidence gathering, and the preservation of artifacts specific to protest, social change, and resistance movements.
  • Hart House Youth and Community Access – An opportunity for a student, passionate about youth engagement and social justice, to contribute to a collaborative project involving Hart House and a variety of campus and community partners, to support initiatives that foster pathways to post-secondary education with a particular focus on groups that may experience access barriers such as indigenous, newcomer, racialized and LGBTQ youth.
  • Hart House Hip Hop Education – Tracking Indigenous Voice presents a unique opportunity for a student with interests in community arts based practices, Hip Hop Education and Indigenous ways of knowing and being to engage in alternative ways of learning and understanding Indigenous perspectives within a Canadian context.
  • Hart House Changemakers – An opportunity for a student interested in working on and developing a dialogue series and programming focused on highlighting people and organizations engaged in innovative thinking and action.
  • Hart House Global Commons – An opportunity for a student interested in joining a global team of students and staff from multiple locations, who are working to create spaces for dialogue and action on social, racial, and climate justice and its various intersections.
  • Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP)This is an opportunity for a student who is interested in youth activism, arts-based and participatory methodologies, community engagement, and research related to youth, sexuality and HIV/AIDS. An academic background in Equity, Sexual Diversity, Women/Gender Studies and/or Sociology of Youth and/or HIV/AIDS would be suitable.
  • Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) Community Health EducationThis is an opportunity for a student who is passionate about community health and health education, to gain hands-on experience in a national HIV and AIDS awareness campaign.
  • Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) Research and Program Evaluation– An opportunity for a student interested in research, community health and public health education, and HIV prevention, to develop skills in social research and HIV awareness program evaluation.

Below placements are not yet confirmed (please note that due to COVID-19, not all organizations will be able to offer placements):

  • Regent Park Community Food Centre – An opportunity for a student who is passionate about food security and justice, and working with communities, to gain hands-on skills around community gardening, delivering educational programming and undertaking food security/community food-related research and evaluation.
  • Frontier College – An opportunity for a student with a background in  Disability or Equity Studies, interested in the social service field and/or education, to work in a program providing learning opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Parkdale Project Read (2 Positions) – This is an opportunity for a student with an interest in adult literacy from a social justice perspective, community development, and fundraising.  An academic background with anti-oppression and equity studies courses, and/or lived experience with these issues, is an asset.
  • English Testing Canada – An opportunity for a student to work directly with newcomers to Canada, investigating connections between English proficiency testing, newcomer equity issues, and community engagement.
  • Toronto & York Region Métis Council – An opportunity for a student who identifies as, or stands in solidarity with Metis, Indigenous or Aboriginal people who is keen to learn more about and contribute to organizational and cultural programming for Metis people and community in Toronto.
  • Matthew House (Administrative Support) – An opportunity for a student who is keenly interested in refugee and newcomer issues to learn about organizing in this field while contributing to general administrative and program support in a refugee support organization.
  • Matthew House (Support to Refugee Settlement) – For a student from any academic background who is interested in refugee rights and newcomer resettlement to learn about and gain experience in supporting the settlement process.
  • Journalists for Human Rights  – An opportunity for a student interested in international development with an academic background in Middle Eastern Studies, Indigenous Studies, African Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Development Studies, Equity Studies, Media Studies or another relevant program.
  • Matthew House (Social Media & Communications) – For a student who is keenly interested in refugee and newcomer support, to contribute strong social media skills to the activities (outreach, donor relations, event publicity) of a refugee support organization.
  • Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre Literacy Program –  This is an opportunity for a student with an interest in community development, social service and/or education to work in an Adult Literacy Program and learn about the connection between low literacy and the social determinants of health.
  • The Centre for Mindfulness Studies An opportunity for a student passionate about Mindfulness and mental health promotion to gain experience in the delivery and evaluation of mindfulness programming. (NEW495 OR NEW497)
  • Another Story Bookstore  This  independent activist bookstore is offering an opportunity for a student to explore the role of books, literature, educational, political and cultural events in engaging and building social justice community. Please follow application procedure in course description page.
  • L’Arche Toronto-Sol Express – An opportunity for students with an interest, experience and/or an academic background in Disability and Equity Studies who are interested in the creative process, to work in an arts program for people who have a developmental disability.
  • Social Planning Toronto – an opportunity for a student to work alongside a community planner, supporting community engagement around local issues in Scarborough and to work on some city-wide issues too.
  • Making Room –  An opportunity for a student with an academic background in Community Development, Art, Buddhist Psychology, Religious Studies, or other fields, interested in connecting with communities and exploring new and creative approaches to community.
  • Regent Park School of Music  – An opportunity for a student with an interest in education, community development, and the role of the arts in youth development and community building. Experience and/or academic background in working with children, sociology of youth, social work, or similar fields would be useful and as appreciation of music desirable.
  • The Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital – An opportunity for a student interested in health promotion, community mobilization, and the complexity of HIV stigma across contexts such as health care, education and the workplace.
  • Sketch Working Arts – If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position at Sketch, please do so directly through their website: . On your application, please indicate that you would be in the New College Community Engaged Learning Program for two semesters. Sketch has all the other required information.  Apply as soon as possible for this is a popular program. If you are offered a placement, please get in touch with this program so that we can enroll you.