Women and Gender Studies

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary discourse, the Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI) serves as an institutional base for research, teaching, intellectual exchange and collaboration in feminist and gender studies. WGSI brings together the many distinguished scholars and students doing work in this significant field, located in a variety of faculties and departments across the University of Toronto.

Undergraduate Programs

Specialist, Major and Minor Programs:

Women and Gender Studies provides an interdisciplinary and culturally inclusive approach to gender that critiques, interrogates and expands the parameters of traditional disciplines.

Students in the Undergraduate Program in Women and Gender Studies (UWGS) have access to a wide range of courses in a rapidly developing, intellectually challenging field.  The program offers integrated, interdisciplinary courses that reflect the cutting-edge research of our core and cross-listed faculty as well as the most current national and international Women and Gender Studies scholarship.

Students are also offered a wide range of support services through annual events such as the career workshop, the one-day student workshop, the International Women’s Day celebration, and community and research seminars which are designed for students who will be working in fields related to Women and Gender Studies.

The Undergraduate Program in Women and Gender Studies seeks to inform and transform traditional forms of knowledge and provides a physical and intellectual space to conduct anti-racist feminist scholarship.

The Women and Gender Studies Student Union (WGSSU) acts as a source of information and support for students in the program, sponsors speakers and social events, and elects representatives to the Program Committee. The WGSSU may be contacted by email:  wgssu.utoronto@gmail.com

For Women and Gender Studies undergraduate program requirements please refer to the “Women and Gender Studies” Program in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar, or visit the WGSI website.

Graduate Programs:

Masters Program in Women and Gender Studies (MWGS)

The central goal of Women and Gender Studies scholarship is to analyze the material and ideological practices and processes that have shaped and continue to structure women’s and men’s lives transhistorically and cross-culturally, always with an eye to transformation and change of inequitable practices. Women and Gender Studies requires an interdisciplinary engagement with a range of theories and methodologies as it consolidates its own singular approach. Students thus have the opportunity to examine a variety of subjects in the humanities, social and health sciences, in ways that promote expertise and flexibility in a number of fields.

The MA degree at the University of Toronto focuses on transnationality and gender. This perspective explores the global processes in which women’s and men’s lives, gender relations, gendered subjectivities and sexualities are situated.  Feminist inquiry reflects and illuminates colonial, postcolonial and transnational contexts. Central themes of the program include global capitalism, nation and state formation, empire, citizenship, diaspora and cultural flows, all of which are examined through the lenses of gender, race, class and sexuality.

For application and admissions information,  please refer to the WGSI website: www.wgsi.utoronto.ca/graduate/ma-program

Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies (CWGS)

Graduate units from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Life Sciences participate in the Graduate Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. The collaborating units contribute courses and provide facilities and supervision for graduate research. The program is administered by the Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI). The Graduate Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies (CWGS) provides a formal educational context for the purpose of interdisciplinary research in women and gender studies and advanced feminist scholarship. The program, offered at the master’s and doctoral levels, provides a central coordinating structure to facilitate and disseminate women and gender studies research through graduate student research symposia, lectures, circulation and discussion of work in progress, conferences, and publications. CWGS contributes to the development of an integrated research community in women and gender studies at the University of Toronto. Applicants to the program are expected to meet the admission and degree requirements of both the home department and CWGS.

For CWGS admissions procedures and program requirements, please refer to the WGSI website:  www.wgsi.utoronto.ca/graduate/collaborative-program.

Institute Director:

Professor Rinaldo Walcott
Telephone: 416-946-5383, email:  wgsi.director@utoronto.ca

Undergraduate Coordinator:

Dina Georgis
Telephone: 416-978-4671, email:  wgsi.ugradcoordinator@utoronto.ca

Graduate Coordinator:

Telephone: 416-978-5176, email:  wgsi.gradcoordinator@utoronto.ca

General Enquiries:

Undergraduate and Graduate Administrator:

Marian Reed
Room 2036, Wilson Hall – Programs Office, Women and Gender Studies Institute
Telephone 416-978-3668, Email: grad.womenstudies@utoronto.ca.

Business Officer:

Meghan Sbrocchi
Room 2032, Wilson Hall
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Office Assistant:

Joanne Saliba de Chery
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