Here at New College

All of the programs at the New College Writing Centre are designed with multilingual students in mind. Whether you speak and write English as an additional language or you are a native speaker of English, our writing and reading programs can help you gain better proficiency in Academic English. All of our writing instructors have experience teaching multilingual students and have specific training in teaching language and writing in context.

Right here at the college we offer

  • Speaking and oral presentation practice at the Communication Café in Wilson Hall, every Thursday at 5:00pm for the first two months of each semester (in partnership with the ELL program).
  • One-on-one writing instruction. Book an appointment here.
  • Cozy and collaborative spaces to write or read, with feedback and support.
  • Academic reading appointments, to improve reading effectiveness (see below).
  • Writing workshops.  See especially this one on Paraphrasing that we offer at the beginning of every semester.


Academic Reading

Would you like to understand, analyze and use your course readings more effectively? Our Academic Reading Appointments can help you complete difficult readings and understand complex arguments. Improving your academic reading will also help improve your vocabulary, grammar, and ability to develop your own writing. These sessions are designed for multilingual students and are open to all.

How to Find Academic Reading Appointments: look for appointments labelled “Leora Freedman – Academic Reading.” Reading appointments are held on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Instructor: Leora Freedman, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, and ELL Coordinator.

Bring electronic or print copies of your readings with you, or plan to log in to a Quercus site from the writing centre office. You may also bring along a draft of a paper that draws on these readings.

Click here for helpful advice pages on critical reading strategies (scroll down to the bottom of the page and see “Resources for Students).


English Language Learning Program

The New College Writing Centre partners with the English Language Learning (ELL) Program to offer students high quality language instruction. ELL’s courses and activities are FREE and non-credit.  All sessions are taught by highly qualified professors and writing centre instructors.  All are eligible for a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) notation.

The ELL Program offers free, online academic writing instruction through Reading eWriting. There are also free, on-site Communication Cafes where students can practice academic speaking and presentations.  You do not need to write or speak English well in order to participate in these activities.

During the summer and on reading weeks, ELL offers free, non-credit mini-courses, combining language learning with interesting topics like Canadian literature and students’ personal linguistic journeys.

For more information, visit ELL’s web page.


Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Expansion Accelerator

Use this electronic tool to help you learn vocabulary quickly, while also doing your readings. Gain greater familiarity with common academic words and use your own readings to test and enhance your innate sense of English grammar.

Communication Café

Every day of the week, join others in a friendly atmosphere to practice oral skills.  See the Grammar Games happening throughout November and the Café weeks focused on language-boosting board games.  Run by the English Language Learning Program, in partnership with New College.