Do you struggle to get through or understand your course readings?  Research shows that effective reading is one of the best ways to improve your academic writing.  We can help you learn strategies for completing difficult readings and understanding complex arguments.  You can learn how to use your course readings as models to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and paragraphing.  Sessions may also focus on developing your critical thinking ability and using the readings in your own writing.  Our new one-on-one academic reading appointments are designed both for students who use English as a first language and those who use English as an additional language.   

Appointments will be offered on Mondays from 12:10-4:00 pm..

Instructor: Paola Bohorquez

Select “Academic Reading” when you enter the system to find these appointments. Bring copies of your readings with you. You may also bring a draft of your own writing that draws on the readings you’ve chosen.

Click here for helpful advice pages on critical reading strategies.