To make or cancel an appointment, login to our online reservation system below:

LOGIN (to book, cancel or view appointments)

The login button will take you to a standard UTOR login page, which will require your UTORid and password.

We are a busy site: book well in advance and leave lots of time before your paper is due to apply what you learn in your sessions.

You can reserve one appointment per week, and up to three appointments at one time. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, we may need to limit the total number of appointments you can book in an academic session. If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we may need to give the appointment to a student who is waiting.


Communicating with Us

The reservation system communicates with you via e-mail.  The system will send you e-mail notification of each appointment you book or cancel. It will also send you reminder e-mails and waitlist notifications. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct and updated in the “Account Management” tab!


Waiting List

If all appointments are booked on a given date, the reservation system will offer you the option of joining a waiting list. The waitlist function is a notification function only. The reservation system notifies all students on the waitlist when an appointment comes available through cancellation. It is then necessary to go to the online booking site to check for availability as soon as possible. The appointment will be booked on a first-come first-served basis. If you enter the site and find that there are no appointments on the specified date, this means that the appointment has already been booked by another student.


Drop-in appointments

Drop-in appointments are sometimes available if regular appointments come open at the last minute. Put your name and cellphone number on the Daily Call-Up List and we’ll phone you if an appointment becomes available during the day. The List is open daily, but it can’t be used in advance: it’s always for today only. You should put yourself on the Call-Up List ONLY if you’re going to be on campus and free to come to the Centre if we call you. When you put yourself on the List, you must specify the time period(s) when you’ll be available.  You’ll see the link for it as soon as you select the type of appointment you want after logging in. Please note that you must be a New College student or, if you are a student from another college, you must bring work from a New College program course. Priority for drop-in appointments is given to students who have not had an appointment that week. 


Cancelling Appointments

Please note that you must cancel appointments at least a full twenty-four hours in advance. If you miss appointments or cancel with less than twenty four hour’s notice, you risk losing access to the reservation system. Timely cancellation makes appointments available to others who are waiting.

To cancel an appointment, login to your account on our homepage.  Then scroll down your Welcome Page to find the list of appointments that you have booked, and follow the directions.

If you encounter difficulties using the system, please contact us at