Booking appointments

You may reserve 3 appointments at a time, but only 1 per week. (If you already have an appointment booked in a particular week, you may be able to drop-in for a second appointment to any time that remains unreserved. Priority for drop-in appointments is given to students who have not yet had an appointment that term or week.)

You may book an appointment only for yourself. If you cannot attend your appointment, please do not offer it to another student. Instead, cancel the appointment online so that it is available to all students on the wait list. We will see only the student who has booked the appointment. We will consider the appointment “missed” if the student who booked it does not use it.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we may need to give the appointment to another student who is waiting. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, we may need to limit the total number of appointments you can book in an academic session.


Student Card

Please bring your student card to each appointment.



Please give at least a full 24 hours notice of cancellation. Students who cancel late or miss appointments risk losing their reservation privileges.

Please note that if you lose reservation privileges in two or more academic sessions, we may ask you to visit the Writing Centre on a drop-in basis only.


Admissions Letters

You can reserve one appointment per academic term in our regular Writing Centre schedule to address graduate and professional schools application materials, such as personal statements.   If drop-in appointments are available, you can bring these documents to drop-in appointments (see our Making Appointments page for information about these).

You can bring application and admission letters to the Writing Room, our drop-in space.

We do not look at job application materials (resumes and cover letters) at the Writing Centre.  Take a look at the Career Centre for useful advice pages and workshops to help you with the job search.


Hard-copies required

If you are bringing a draft, a hard copy is required. Instructors are unable to read drafts from laptop screens or print materials from disks or memory keys. This policy does not apply to students with disabilities who require a computer to read and work with texts.


Group Projects

One or more members of a group may book an appointment to work on a group project.  If you are not the author/s of some  text that you bring, we will help you develop questions and editorial strategies that you can take back to the group.  The person who books the appointment must attend the session and be eligible to book  (a New College student or a student from another college working on a group assignment for a New College program course).

If more than two members of a group plan to attend, please email us in advance at so that we can be sure the office space is large enough for the group.