One of the first things students see when they enter the New College Registrar’s Office is a large sign which reads “Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help You”. The Registrars and their staff are responsible for advising and assisting students of New College, who are encouraged to come to this office first with any questions about academic, financial and other matters, and to report any problems as soon as they occur.

The friendly, well-informed staff deal with many questions and problems on a drop-in basis. Students who wish to talk about their situation more fully in a personal interview may easily make an appointment by contacting the office.

All kinds of information, help and referral are available. The Registrar’s Office can explain and clarify university regulations and requirements. Counsellors assist in monitoring students’ progress toward their degree, present their options in choosing courses and programs of study, and offer support for any concerns about course work and academic standing. They can advise about career plans and provide guidance in qualifying for and applying to professional schools such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Education.

The office is a chief source of financial counselling and assistance. Grant applicants are invited to have a talk with one of the Registrars and all possibilities for aid are explored. Information on scholarships is available, both on the bulletin board and by enquiring from a counsellor.

Special academic consideration may be applied for through the Registrar’s Office. If students encounter difficulties in following a particular regulation of the Faculty of Arts and Science, whether because of academic need, illness or other circumstances, they should make an appointment to consult a counsellor as soon as possible after the problem occurs. The Registrar’s Office (and the course instructor) should be notified immediately if, because of illness or another reason, a student has missed tests or a number of classes, is seriously late with assignments, or has any other major problem. Formal petitions regarding final examinations must be made through the Registrar’s Office no later than five working days after the end of the examination period.