Academic and Personal Records

The New College Registrar’s Office helps students to maintain correct academic and personal records and is pleased to deal with any questions or concerns; but ensuring that records are up-to-date in the University system is the student’s responsibility. It is important and in one’s own interests to make sure that this is done, since incorrect or obsolete records may result in serious consequences: name missing from class-lists, wrong grade report, reduced or no fees refund, and even ineligibility to graduate. The Faculty of Arts and Science publishes a schedule of deadlines which must be met for recording adds, drops and changes in various categories of records.

Students will normally use ACORN ( for their academic and personal records transactions. Transactions which must be made through the Registrar’s Office include changes of name and status in Canada.

Transcripts of Record

If you are applying for admission to another University for next year, official transcripts of your academic record will be required. (If you are applying to another division of the U of T, check the instructions about transcripts: some divisions/departments can access your record directly, others require you to submit a transcript.) Transcripts may also be necessary to support applications for graduate scholarships, or may be requested from you by prospective employers. Check deadlines carefully and begin the application process in time.

Please note that the College Registrar’s Office does not issue transcripts. Transcripts are ordered through ACORN (this is the fastest method) or at the U of T Transcript Centre in the Faculty Registrar’s Office, Room 1006, Sidney Smith Hall. Please allow 8-10 days for processing of transcript requests and also time for mailing to the recipient.

Transcripts do not include your secondary school record or grades in courses from other institutions or divisions for which you received credit on admission. You must request these transcripts separately. Please also note that transcripts are not issued for students who owe fees from a previous session or who owe library fines.