You will need various online publications to help you choose your courses.  These are essential in order to course-select, check on regulations and create your course timetable.  They contain important information that you will need in order to enroll in courses and complete your registration.

The Calendar, Course Enrolment Instructions and Timetable are available online from the Faculty of Arts and Science website.  Please pay particular attention in the Calendar the section titled About the Calendar as it will guide you on important matters such as how to use the Calendar to read a course description.

Check regularly the above resources for any subsequent changes.  Corrections and changes are posted regularly throughout the summer.  Current timetable information is essential for successful course selection.

Refer to the course selection instructions in the Course Enrolment Instructions (Steps 1 through 4) before selecting and enrolling in courses.  Since some courses and sections may become full early, prepare in advance and to enroll promptly.  Once you decide which courses to take after referring to the Calendar, you can use the information in the Course Enrolment Instructions and Timetable to construct your schedule.

Course enrolment is done online thorough ACORN.  To access ACORN you need to activate your UTORid, which is also your JOINid.

Enrolment will begin on July 25 for first year students. Faculty of Arts and Science students have pre-assigned start times on their enrollment start date. Beginning July 19, these start times will be posted on ACORN; you should check and make a note of yours.  If you were admitted as an upper-year student (e.g. with 4.0 or more transfer credits), please check the Course Enrolment Instructions for enrollment start date information.

We recommend that you attend one of our Course Selection Information Sessions in the months of June and July.  If you will not be in Toronto during this period we shall do our best to advise you by telephone (416 978-2460) or e-mail (  You can also consult our online course selection tutorial.

In addition to the Calendar, Course Enrolment Instructions and Timetable, the New College Registrar’s Office has published a New Student’s Guide designed to assist newly admitted students with course selection.