Aug. 28
Tuition payment/fee deferral deadline

Sept. 2
Labour Day (University closed)

Sep. 5
Fall Session begins.  Classes begin for F (fall session) and Y (fall and winter session) section code courses

Sep. 18
Deadline to enrol in F and Y courses that begin in September

Oct. 14
Thanksgiving (University closed)

Nov. 4
Deadline to cancel Fall Session (F) courses

Nov. 4 to 8
Reading Week; no classes (University open)

Dec. 4
Last day of classes in the fall term. All term work for Fall Session (F) courses to be submitted unless an earlier date has been stipulated

Dec. 5
“Makeup Monday” classes. Thursday classes will not be held. Monday classes will be held at the discretion of the instructor. Your instructor will inform you if a “Makeup Monday” class will be held and if the location will be different than the regularly-scheduled Monday location.

Dec. 6
Study Break

Dec. 7 to 20

Dec. 23 to Jan. 3
Winter Holidays (University closed)

Jan. 6
Winter Session begins.  Y (fall and winter session) courses resume and S (winter session) section code courses begin

Jan. 19
Deadline to enrol in courses that begin in January (S)

Feb. 17
Family Day (University Closed)

Feb. 17
Deadline to cancel Fall/Winter Session (Y) courses

Feb 17 to 21
Reading Week.  No classes! (University open)

Mar. 15
Deadline to cancel Winter Session (S) courses

Apr. 3
Last day of classes in the Winter Session. All term work for S and Y code courses must be submitted unless an earlier date has been stipulated.

Apr. 6 to 25

Apr. 10
Good Friday (University closed)