Congratulations on your acceptance into the International Foundation Program (IFP) and welcome to New College—your home at the University of Toronto.

The IFP is the perfect preparation for becoming a full-time student at the University of Toronto. As an IFP student, you will complete one full-credit course taught by University of Toronto professors, a discipline-specific seminar and intensive English classes designed to bring your language skills to an academic level. Upon completion, you will be fully prepared to join the University of Toronto community as a full-time student.

We recommend that you actively get involved with the many clubs on campus and take advantage of the many resources at the University. A big part of university life goes above and beyond the academic aspects, so please do your best to integrate into student life.

The IFP Office is here to help you throughout the program, so please be sure to visit us in Wetmore Hall, Room 136 or feel free to contact us at 416-946-5146 or by email at

This is going to be a great year for you—make the most of it!