Once you have enrolled in courses, access your fees account on ACORN and print your invoice.  Payments are made at the bank.  Please remember to keep your bank receipt as your proof of payment.  If you use online or telephone banking, make a note of the confirmation number.

You must pay at least the Minimum Required Payment (MRP) of your tuition fees through your bank, using your invoice, by August 28.  Students who do not pay through their bank or officially defer by August 28 risk being removed from their courses.

Instructions for deferring fees on the basis of having qualified for:

OSAP: Apply for OSAP by June 15.  If you qualify to receive funding, complete your fees deferral online in August on ACORN.

Student Government Aid from another province or the USA:  Contact the New College Registrar’s Office in early August for deferral isntructions.

Remember that fees deferral is not automatic! Consult Student Accounts for full details.

If some or all of your fees are covered by a scholarship or other award:

You may be able to defer your fees. Submit a copy of your award letter, a completed deferral form and a copy of your Fees Invoice to the Office of Student Accounts (215 Huron St.) The deferral form is available online.  Pay at the bank any balance remaining.

If your fees are paid by an agency, or if you are a University of Toronto staff dependent:

Follow the instructions on the Student Accounts website.  Ask the Registrar’s Office or the Office of Student Accounts if anything is not clear. Complete the online form and return to the Office of Student Accounts. If any partial payment (e.g. incidental fees) is required, make this at a bank using your Fees Invoice.