New College works with some great suppliers to help make your residence room feel more like home. More information about each supplier is listed below. Please contact the supplier directly to place an order or if you have any specific questions about their services.

Fridge rentals

Campus Fridge Rentals is the exclusive supplier to New College Residents. Staff will be on hand during the move-in period in September and will deliver the fridge to your room and arrange to pick it up in April/May. Pre-orders are advised and made via email at:

Linen sales

Residence Linens provides incoming residents with optional bedding packages to make their move-in process as easy and worry-free as possible. Your order will be delivered directly to residence before your arrival! For more information or to subscribe to this service, please contact Residence Linens directly through their website or 1-800-352-3404.

Storage services

Store Your Dorm provides affordable storage for students. They deliver the packing materials to your room, you pack and they pick them up and redeliver them once the storage period is over.

Store Your Dorm