Please join us for the 2017-2018 Senior Doctoral Fellows Luncheon Speaker Series. All talks take place 12:00pm-2:00pm in the Dean’s Apartments, Room 2007D, Wilson Hall, 40 Willcocks Street, and a light lunch will be served. Learn more about the individual senior doctoral fellows. For more information on the event, contact June Larkin.

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Tuesday, March 27: Lahoma Thomas, Caribbean Studies
“Power by the People: Why Law-Abiding Citizens Support Criminal Organizations”

RESCHEDULED — Please check this page regularly for date updates

Wednesday, March 28: Hali Kil, Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health
“The Mindful Person as Parent: Links among Trait Mindfulness, Parenting Cognitions and Behaviour, and Children’s Socio-emotional Development”

Tuesday, April 3: Udbi Ali, Equity Studies
“’Welfare-for-Weapons’: Racial Neoliberalism and Welfare Fraud Discourses in Canada”

Tuesday, April 10: Angelica Galante, International Foundation Program
“Investigating Plurilingual Instruction as an Alternative Framework for teaching ESL/EAP in Canada”

Wednesday, April 11: Chizoba Imoka, African Studies
“Educating for Colonial and Divisive Leadership: The Case of Nigerian Secondary Schools”

Date: April 10th, 2018
Start Time: 12:00pm