New One is proud to invite you to join our class for this exciting panel examining waste from a interdisciplinary perspective.

The adage goes, “ one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” From coffee pods to disposable cups, from toxic e-waste pollution to explosive methane from decomposing food, our civilization (in the era of the anthropocene) has been dubbed the “throw-away” society. In “Waste Imaginaries”, four waste experts from different disciplines will expose students to the emerging field of discard studies. The panelists will offer a fascinating look into the ways in which diverse scholars tackle, categorize, define, investigate, manage and imagine the concept(s) of waste.


When: Thursday, February 1, 1-3 PM

Where: Wilson Hall, Room 1017, New College, 40 Willcocks Street

Who: Anyone interested in this cutting-edge topic is welcome!


Poster showing a heap of garbage announcing the panel, with the same information contained in the running text.


Sabine LeBel (Media Studies, UNB) examines how moments of technological failure facilitate affective responses.  In particular, she considers how planned obsolescence structures our daily interactions with computers and smartphones, often provoking reactions of rage or anxiety. The frustrated utterances of the user are telling: “This phone is garbage!” or “This computer is a piece of junk!!” They reveal the technologies as material, and allow us to connect them to larger infrastructures of production and disposal, from blood minerals to e-waste. The project theorizes how these fleeting moments are rifts that might offer possibilities for environmental politics.

JP King is an artist, writer and educator with a research-based practice in publishing, installation and microcinema. His poetic approach emphasizes documentary, collage and metaphor, which he uses to investigate discard culture, the microbiome and visual communication. His work is relational, narrative-driven and often absurd. He has been supported by SSHRC and The Banff Centre and holds an MFA from OCAD U. He is currently faculty at the University of Toronto, the Haliburton School of Art + Design and Concordia’s Center for Expanded Poetics. In 2016, JP was nominated for a Governor General’s Innovation Award. He is also a successful graphic designer and small business owner. He lives with his wife and collaborator, Kirsten McCrea, in Toronto.

Jordon Lazell is a research assistant at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University and cofounder of the International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group. Jordon’s research concerns food-consumption practices of both consumers and businesses, paying particular attention to wasteful habits, routines and behaviours. He has published in the areas of consumer behaviour and sustainable tourism and is currently completing a PhD on a part-time basis, looking into food consumption and food-wastage practices of consumers in the context of everyday urban lives.

Peter Hobbs is an ecological storyteller based in Toronto. His work is transdisciplinary, and he has published academic articles on range of topics, including the sensory world of dogs, the sex lives of lumberjacks and gay cruising grounds in Toronto. Peter’s most recent publication, The Tale of the Sarnia Nose. is a toxic comic book about Canada’s Chemical Valley, a concentrated petrochemical corridor in southwestern Ontario.



Date: February 1st, 2018
Start Time: 1:00pm