New College recognizes the importance of the university experience and the learning that takes place outside the classroom. By getting involved in programs offered through the Office of Residence and Student Life, you can learn to lead, to get involved in your community (however you might define that), and to think about the world and your place in it. New College wants you to dream of what could be and to ask yourself, “What do I have to do to make this a reality?” Our programs encourage social change and deep learning through collaboration and educational experiences that will stay with you long after you leave New College. Below are some examples of opportunities to for you to get involved and be a part of the New College community.

First-Year Learning Communities

New College Student Life and Leadership hosts a First-Year Learning Community (FLC) for students entering Life Science programs. The FLC program in the Faculty of Arts and Science is designed to improve the transitional experience for first-year students by providing them with the opportunity to meet classmates, develop friendships, form study groups, and develop academic and personal skills. FLC programs also introduce you to the resources, opportunities, culture, and benefit of the campus and its surrounding community.

New College Leadership

At New College, we believe that leadership can be learned. True to New College’s social justice roots, the New College Leadership Certificate offers opportunities for students to explore what motivates them as leaders and to develop skills to affect positive social change. The Certificate is unique in that it caters both to the needs of students who hold recognized leadership positions, as well as students who are new to leadership. Having the New College Leadership Certificate on your resume or graduate school application will make you stand out as someone who is an agent of change.