New College alumni Lesley Riedstra and Rian Mitra on why they give back to their alma mater.

Undergraduate students and undergraduate alumni are invited to submit their work for inclusion in the upcoming fourth issue of Knots: An Undergraduate Journal of Disability Studies.

New College is launching a pilot program that has you meditate before writing practice for better focus.

We congratulate Dr. George Dei on his appointment as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Back to school, back to writing! Get expert help at the Writing Centre — also open Sundays!

Alexandra Guerson, a lecturer in world history at the International Foundation Program, aims to lead New One: Learning without Borders into a successful fresh year as program coordinator.

New College’s new principal Bonnie McElhinny found time in her busy schedule to talk briefly about the first three weeks in her new role — the insights, the surprises, the plans.

For students in Aggrey Wasike’s course, being at some of the sites where the Rwandan genocide took place was an unusually profound experience.

The inaugural Kathleen O’Connell Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the outstanding teaching of our sessional instructors.

We are delighted to announce Professor Marieme Lo’s appointment for a 5-year term, beginning July 1, 2017.