Congratulations to Dr. Arturo Victoriano-Martínez for winning the 2017-2018 Kathleen O’Connell Teaching Excellence Award.


The award honours outstanding teaching and recognizes the important contributions made by sessional instructional staff to the teaching mission of New College in its academic programs, interdisciplinary courses and in the Writing Centre.  

Who Is Arturo Victoriano-Martínez?

Arturo Victoriano-Martínez was born in the Dominican Republic and earned his PhD in Hispanic and Latin American Literatures from the University of Toronto in 2010. He had already begun teaching in the Caribbean Studies program as a doctoral student in 2009.

As a teacher Dr. Victoriano-Martínez earns high praise from students. His intellectual vision has helped to ensure that they come to understand the linguistic, literary, cultural, political and social complexity of the Caribbean region and its diaspora. As part of his teaching practice, Dr. Victoriano translates Dominican literature to supply materials for his classes that would otherwise be unavailable in English.

His course offerings have included NEW220H: Comparative Caribbean Literature I, Canonical Readings; NEW221H: Comparative Caribbean Literature I, Canonical Readings; Caribbean Diasporas: Historical and Comparative; and JLN327H: Regional Perspectives on the Hispanic Caribbean. He has also served as acting director of the Caribbean Studies Program, in which role he helped redesign the scope and sequence of courses in the Caribbean Studies program.  For the past two years, he has also taken a few fortunate students to Grenada for the Summer Abroad course NEW370Y0 Special Topics: Caribbean Islands, Revolutions and Tourists.

His publications include articles on teaching and learning, as well as the book Rayanos y dominicanyorks: La dominicanidad del siglo XXI (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014), which analyzes Dominican identity through a critical reading of prominent texts in the field of Caribbean literature.

Fun Facts about an Amazing Teacher

Favourite word: amor
Favourite sound:

 rain falling
Another profession he would like to try besides his own: basketball player
If he did not have to work he would: read all day
Favourite ice-cream flavour: vanilla
If he could have a pet it would be: a snake