This award provides for a half course release for a member of New College faculty to develop innovative pedagogy or educational technology for use in classroom, community or field settings, and/or online teaching and learning. The pedagogical contribution should be sustainable and have professional development value that can be shared with the College as a whole.

Proposals might include: learning and implementing new educational technologies; developing online teaching tools; designing creative teaching and learning methodologies;  researching student development to inform teaching and learning practice; or undertaking professional development with potential benefit to colleagues.

Proposals must include a strategy for implementation and/or dissemination of outcomes. Given the time required for developing and implementing new pedagogy, the total project time frame may exceed the half-course release period.  The successful award recipient will be required to submit a report at the end of the semester or implementation phase, and make a presentation/demonstration of the work or design a workshop or training for colleagues who might benefit from the recognize project.

This award was established to recognize the contribution of Dr. June Larkin, New College Vice-Principal from 2007 to 2014, 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award winner, and member of the University of Toronto Teaching Academy.


Applicants must hold continuing or multi-year faculty appointments or be Sessional Lecturers III at New College. This award is NOT intended for regular course and curriculum development or one time only projects.


Complete and submit the application form.

Provisional proposals can be discussed with the Vice Principal. Applications will be reviewed by the Principal, Vice Principal, and two members of Academic Affairs.