Professor Bonnie McElhinny Professor Bonnie McElhinny (Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies) is the recipient of the 2017-18 June Larkin Award for Pedagogical Development. This award provides for a half-course release to be dedicated to the development of innovative pedagogy or educational technology for use in classroom, community or field settings, and/or online teaching and learning.

With this project, Professor McElhinny looks to deepen and broaden conversations on decolonial place-based pedagogies, with a focus on water, amongst faculty, staff and students and with the many water-based activists in the GTA, with  New College as the hub for these discussions.

This project will include the following three components: a series of workshops to facilitate exchanges about the strategies various educators (within and outside classrooms) are using to decolonize their teachings about water; a working paper that surveys watershed pedagogies (innovative approaches to experiential education) in the Great Lakes watershed and beyond; developing a grant proposal  to record these initiatives in a publication, and to re-design existing courses and design a few new ones to develop a distinct cluster of courses at the University of Toronto linked to water. 

Congratulations, Professor McElhinny!