Reclaiming Justice: Memory and Memorialization of Violence

باز خواهی عدالت: یاد و یادمان سازی از خشونت

October 25-27, 2019
University of Toronto

The Equity Studies Program is holding an international conference October 25-27, 2019. This gathering of scholars, activists, artists, and students marks a renewed phase in the intellectual life of Equity Studies where we aim at theorizing historicized social injustices.

At this conference we cultivate conversations to highlight the legacy, but continuities of colonial violence. The indigenous scholars will present on memory and memorialization of violence as a complex and interconnected relations of social, historical, and artistic mode of resistance. The international participants are from Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Peru, Jamaica, and Iran presenting on transitional justice, political prisoners, remembering, testimonies, and memorializing violence.

This conference will begin mapping genealogies of critical transnational feminist theoretical engagements with memory and memorialization, by bringing together Indigenous and feminist scholars, artists and activists from around the world to engage in a generative dialogue on this topic.

Please see attached poster for further event details. We hope to see you there!