We are welcoming Greg Sam to the position of New College Food Equity Coordinator.

Greg began his non-profit work at the intersection of food and community development in 2009 as a Student Food Network Coordinator and Education Consultant for Meal Exchange (MX). After becoming promoted to an Education Manager, Greg played a large role in the growth of the National Student Food Summit and National Student Food Charter which both continue to strengthen campus food systems across the country today. Having most recently worked as a Projects Lead for Ophea, Greg has spent much of his time in the past 4 years developing programs and resources for Ontario educators focused on healthy eating, mental health, and physical activity. 

In his new role as food equity coordinator, Greg aims to continue strengthening the network between food initiatives, community partners and student life at NEW. One of his first projects will be to meet with New College faculty, staff and students who are involved in food activities to gather information that will be used to develop a framework and vision for our food equity initiative. You can contact Greg directly to set up a meeting.

Meet NEW's new Food Equity Coordinator with graphic of hand reaching for a pear