Faculty Updates at the New College Writing Centre

The New College Writing Centre would like to welcome a new addition to our faculty team, and say thank you to some instructors who have temporarily taken on additional responsibilities.   

Jan Anderson
Writing Centre Instructor 


Jan Anderson is a PhD candidate in Humanities at York University. Her research interests include the Black Radical Tradition, Black Feminisms/womanisms and Black literature. She is excited about joining the academic team at the New College Writing Centre and is eager to engage with students across disciplines in our mutual quest for knowledge. 

Ralph Callebert
Writing Centre Instructor  

Ralph Callebert (PhD, History, Queen’s University) has temporarily taken on an expanded role in the Writing Centre.  He is involved with in the Caribbean, African, Equity and Solidarity Writing Group and the Writing Room, as well as working on coordination, administration and publicity.   

Ralph teaches African and global history and teaches academic writing at the New College Writing Centre. Ralph is from Belgium but has lived and taught in South Africa, Canada, and the United States. He researches and publishes on labour, Africa, and global history. His book, On Durban’s Docks: Zulu workers, rural households, global labor (2017) is published by the University of Rochester Press. His recent work engages the intersections of labour, citizenship, and climate change.

Jennette Boehmer
Writing Centre Instructor 

Jennette Boehmer is an Egyptologist, with a background in IT and management consulting. She has been with the New College Writing Centre for more than five years. In addition to teaching in the Writing Centre, Jennette has temporarily taken on an expanded role in coordinating the Writing Room. Jennette has worked with the Faculty of Arts & Science WIT and ELL writing initiatives, as well as with qualitative and quantitative writing-intensive humanities courses at UTSC.

Jennette researches the social cultural history of ancient Egyptian religious belief and practice. She is especially interested in an intersectional analysis of myth and ritual in non-royal funeral processions, finding many correspondences with lived experiences today, some 4,500 years later. Jennette is also interested in the use of collaborative writing as a way of enhancing the teaching and learning writing experience in both academic and professional arenas.

We look forward to when we can meet in the halls again, but in the meantime please welcome Jan and a big thank you to Ralph and Jennette for taking up new responsibilities so effectively and gracefully. 

With appreciation,


Sheila Stewart, PhD  (she/her)
Acting Director, New College Writing Centre
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream