By Hannah

Welcome back, New! I hope you are relaxed and ready to take on a new semester and year!

New Year’s is a time of re-evaluation, self-reflection and big goal setting. I love the concept of New Year’s as a checkpoint, and I love reflecting on my past year and finding ways to make the next even better. However, New Year’s often gets a bad wrap for people making goals bigger than they can realistically keep, so today I am going to share six manageable resolutions for the New Year that can really positively impact your life. This is going to be YOUR year! I can feel it!

A cardboard button which says "I resolve to [blank] for the new year."

Photo Credit: BazaarBizarreSF

1. Find time to unplug. With professors emailing you, friends texting you and little red notifications popping up all over your phone, it is often difficult to just be. Even if it is only an hour a week, try to put your phone/technology away and clear your mind for a while.

2. Be consciously kind. If you have a kind thought–act on it! If you see someone who needs help, help him or her! If you see someone who is pulling off a fantastic outfit, let them know! Find as many ways as possible in 2015 to pour kindness onto others.

3. Call home/your loved ones more. It doesn’t matter if you are living with your family, or away from them–it can be tough to maintain compassionate relationships with them in busy day-to-day life. If you never call your grandma, perhaps try and pick up the phone more this year, just to let her know she’s on your mind.


Photo Credit: Nicole Beaulac

4. Be early. It is so easy to get distracted and run late, but when possible, try to be a little bit early for things. Your mind will be calmer and you will feel less guilt. Plus, when you are on time or early for things, it shows other people you really value and respect them and their time.

5. Listen. Surprisingly, this one might be the hardest one on the list. We all obviously listen to some extent, but are we really giving the other parties our undivided attention? If you find that you are looking at your phone (see first resolution) or are drifting into daydreams mid-conversation, you may want to adopt this into your resolution list. It’s surprising what you receive from others when you truly listen to them.

6. Move more. “Get fit” may be the most popular resolution of all time. It is wonderful and important, but many people make goals too big and spend January in the gym and by February are back to old habits. If you want to get fit, simply resolve to move more. If you’re just starting, perhaps walk instead of taking the subway when you can, or take the stairs. If you’re a seasoned “mover”, try adding extra difficulty to your routine. The goal should be small and buildable over the course of the year.

Have you made any resolutions for 2015? Or are you going to adopt any from this list? Let us know on our Facebook page!