by Lakshmi Sadhu


1. Rain

Rain (and an umbrella M.I.A) is your archenemy. You end up having two choices: either take off your glasses and pray you don’t walk into a pole, or keep your glasses on and watch the world in front of you transform into an eerily familiar version of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch.


2. Eye Makeup

You spend 35 minutes making sure your eye makeup is on fleek for a party, only to have the full force of your golden eyeshadow and dramatic winged eyeliner completely sidelined by your glasses.


3. Cooking

 Cooking is loads of fun, until you need to fry something. Thus ensues the struggle with trying to bend your head as far back from your body as possible, all the while maintaining eye and hand contact with the frying pan. Or you could just run away from the pan altogether. So what if you look like an idiot? At least you won’t have oil spatter marks on your glasses.


4. 3-D

Forget four eyes! You evolve to six eyes every time you go to watch a 3D movie with your friends.


5. Exercise

Working out with glasses is a nightmare. You spend every 30 seconds pushing your glasses back up the sweat trail of your nose.


6. Hot drinks

You can’t enjoy a steaming mug of anything without having it fog up your glasses.


7. Keeping them clean

It’s an eternal struggle trying to find the perfect material to clean your glasses with. God help you on days when you accidentally leave your lens cleaning cloth at home, and also happen to be wearing a denim shirt.


8. Swimming

Having to swim underwater blind. I remember how excited I was the first time I went scuba diving, until my instructor told me my glasses wouldn’t fit underneath my diving mask. All I could do then was follow Dory’s advice…just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

This is literally what I looked like underwater. Suffice to say,
I couldn’t see any underwater flora or fauna that fateful day in the Arabian Sea.


9. Phantoms

The infamous “phantom specs syndrome”. When you forget to wear your glasses sometimes, especially if your prescription isn’t too strong, or if you’ve recently transitioned to contact lenses, you’ll find yourself hilariously reaching up to adjust the air where your glasses once were.

Even Connor McGregor is laughing at your “phantom specs syndrome”.

What are your pet peeves about wearing glasses?