By Hannah

An image of the University of Toronto's front campus

It’s that time again, folks. There are papers, midterms and finals lurking around March’s corner. I know firsthand that university is tough, but there are so many wonderful services offered by the College and University to help!

Here is a comprehensive, all-inclusive reference guide for help in your academic success:

Inside the Classroom

New College Writing Centre

This is one of my most-used resources. You can bring in essays, drafts and ideas to receive guidance on. They have drop-in hours, or you can make an appointment. If you’re going to make an appointment, make sure you do so in advance as they fill up quickly!

Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre has workshops with topics ranging from time management to test and exam writing. They have workshops, lectures and drop-in hours to help you succeed.

Math and Statistics Aid Centre

Help with first-year calculus courses and numerous statistics courses.

U of T Library Research Consultation

Did you know you could book appointments with librarians or chat with them online to learn how to improve your research? Sometimes it is tough to get all the sources you need for your papers, but the people here can help!

Peer Tutoring

For numerous courses, older students tutor younger students. You get to make a connection with an upper-year student and get help with the things you are struggling with. Win-win!

Engineering Communication Program

This one’s just for the engineers, but it’s a place where you can learn how to communicate and speak publicly at a professional level.

Outside the Classroom


The Blueprint program has workshops and “ways to get involved in life outside the classroom”. They send out weekly emails letting you know about happenings in the program, including workshops and events that they offer. From there, you decide what ones to go to!

Career Mentorship Program

Though this has finished for the year, it is an excellent program to look into if you will be in third or fourth year next year! You get paired with a professional in a field you’re interested in, and they mentor you through the semester.

Leadership Certificate Program

The leadership certificate program is meant for seasoned leaders and newbies alike! Although, like the career mentorship program, this has ended for the year, it is worth looking into for next year! You complete a series of workshops throughout the year, complete a community-experience project and a reflection and receive a certificate for your hard work!

I hope some of these academic resources prove helpful to you! Do you have any others I missed? Let us know on Facebook!