By Mina Todosijevic

Ever since New College celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, there’s been a lot of friendly joking around campus that the College is no longer “New” by any standards. I’m happy to announce the administration has heard your concerns, and as of the 2015-2016 school year, we will no longer be known as New College. While the administration is still debating a permanent name, we are temporarily referring to ourselves as the “College in Mid-Life Crisis.”

Along with the change to our name, we will be changing the mascot. Since we can no longer rhyme Gnu and New, we believe a change of mascot is necessary in order to represent our new, more mature image. As of September 2015, Goliath the Gnu will be retiring, to be replaced with the Silver Fox. As a result of this, our colours will be changed to silver and red to keep in spirit with our new mascot.

Goliath Gnu and a silver fox

Goliath the Gnu and our new mascot, the silver fox. Goliath will be throwing a retirement party on the quad open to all students and alumni. Details to be announced.

Hannah and I will be the last students writing for The New student blog. The blog will hereby be retitled to “The Old and Wise”. While most of the upcoming posts will keep the same format as in previous years, you can expect a healthy dash of “back in my day” and “you kids have it easy”, as we enjoy our newfound elder status.

This brings me to the final announcement: the New College administration has decided to give students a chance to get involved in naming our new mascot the Silver Fox! You can nominate a name up to the 30th of April, and voting will take place throughout the month of May. You can send in your nominations or vote online at:

 We’re looking forward to unveiling our new mascot at next year’s inaugural College in Mid-Life Crisis orientation! Don’t forget to send in your names!