By Aparajita Bhandari

“Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

My parents are from Nepal, home of Mount Everest, so the mountains will always have my heart.
(Photo by Mike Behnken)

Hello, New College! Although spring is known to be the season of new beginnings, those of us in the academic world know that it’s really fall, the season of back to school, that deserves that accolade. So it seems fitting that during this busy season of change I am here to introduce myself as one of your student bloggers for the 2015-2016 school year.

My name is Aparajita Bhandari and I am a second-year student doing a double major in Psychology and Statistics and a minor in Buddhism and Mental Health. Although the large diversity between these subjects means that my workload can get a little crazy with problem sets and readings, I really love what I’m studying.

I am someone who is interested in both the logic and structure of the sciences as well as in the creative expression of the arts, so I’m really happy both the sciences and arts are still part of my life.

This year I’m living off campus and I enjoy being pleasantly surprised every day by my new neighbourhood of Kensington. There will be many posts about all of the struggles that come with off-campus living, so if you’re in the same situation as me be sure to tune in.

Besides my majors some other things that I love include small coffee shops and large green spaces, fluffy animals, travelling and the satisfaction that only comes from finding the perfect quote for an occasion. It is also an irrefutable fact that I own the cutest dog imaginable. Unfortunately, my dog lives with the rest of my family in Windsor, a small city four hours south of Toronto. While I do miss my family, as well as the abundance of nature found in Windsor, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live in a city as diverse and dynamic as Toronto.

Oscar the dog

Photographic evidence that Oscar is the cutest dog in the universe.

I know October can be a crazy month with all of the aforementioned change, but hopefully at some point during this busy season you get to experience something good about Toronto in the fall, no matter how small.

This blog isn’t a place for me to rant or preach to you, but rather a conversation. So, please feel free to send me a comment with any feedback on my posts, any ideas you have for future posts or even just to say hello!