By Hannah

Competition is a big part of going to U of T. It is competitive to get into, and once you do get in, the competition seems to build from there. Competition doesn’t always have to be a bad thing; it can build you up and make you better. But when it starts impeding on your friendships and your self-esteem, it is important that it is checked. Here are my top four tips for surviving competition at U of T.

 1. You do you

Cliché, I know. You have probably been told this one by the majority of the people in your life. But clichés are clichés for a reason! Make yourself your own competition, and challenge yourself to get a better grade on each new assignment or test. You are here for your own education, not to beat everyone else.

2. Know that everyone shows his or her best side

Don’t you want to put your best foot forward? I have found that everyone at U of T seems to know what he or she is doing, but there are very few (arguably none) who actually do. Everyone is struggling with something, even if they don’t show it. Don’t let your perception of the perfect lives of others bring you down.

Runners at a marathon

Photo by Guus Krol

3. Everyone is in the same boat as you

U of T is hard for everyone, whether it’s apparent to you or not. We are all going through the same essays, papers and finals. We are all stressed out about getting into med/law/grad school and doing well. We are all on the same page, so look at others empathetically instead of competitively.

4. Communicate

If you are feeling like your friend is in serious competition with you, or you are feeling in competition with your friend – talk to them about it. Make sure you are non-accusatory, but challenge yourself to discuss these difficult things with others. It is amazing the ills a little communication is able to cure.

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