Did you know there is an election coming up? It’s all anyone is talking about these days. Someone told me about it last week and from what I’ve learned, this election is going to be a very important one. Some people don’t like getting involved with politics, but I feel like I have to acknowledge this because the outcome of this election affects us all. With how this pandemic has been mistreating us, we should make use of the power we’ve been given and decide for ourselves who should represent us and our values. As young adults, we must use our voices and build up the courage to partake in this election. 

We must vote…

Homer Simpson goes to vote, humming

…in the NCSC Fall Election! 

New College Student Council logo

You thought I was talking about a different election, didn’t you? 

I’m serious though. This year that sense of community we had in New College was taken away from us and was returned in shattered, almost non-existent pieces. We were left discouraged, anxious, confused, and confined. Yet somehow a group of passionate individuals from New College decided that they should pick up some of those pieces and attempt to put them back together for our sake. These students want to dedicate their time and effort to bring back that sense of community and provide us some much needed student support for the remaining of the academic year. There is one problem though: it’s not entirely up to them who gets the authority to do these things. It’s up to you.

Your vote decides what your student life experience will be like this year. I don’t know about you, but Zoom University has taken a toll on me. I miss attending New College events, meeting new people on campus, and forgetting I have an essay due this Friday because I spent all my time chatting at Wilson Lounge. Don’t you? And if you’re an incoming student, do you really want your first year to only consist of watching lectures, doing assignments, and napping – all of which are done in the same room?

Man falls asleep and falls over

This you?

Your student life experience depends completely on who you vote for, which is why you shouldn’t vote for the first name you see, your really close friend, or someone who lent you five bucks once. You should make an educated decision when deciding who should hold each position.

“But Chelsy, what are the positions we’re voting for?”

You ready?

You asked for it!

We have:

First Year Representatives

Calling all First Years!!! These are your reps! The First Year Reps act as the liaison for all incoming New College students and make sure the concerns of First Year students are always considered when making decisions.

Middle Year Representatives

Are you in your 2nd or 3rd year? These two are your reps! They are the liaison for the middle year students and make sure that the voices of these students are heard.

Grad-Year Representatives

Are you graduating this year? First of all, congratulations and I am beyond happy for you. Second of all, This person is your rep! This NCSC member represents New College’s graduating class and usually organizes the New College Formal, which may be a little different this year.

International Foundations Program Representative

Hey, are you in the International Foundations Program (IFP)? This person is your rep! They represent all IFP students and ensure inclusivity for IFP students when planning NCSC events.

Off-Campus Representatives

These two members of NCSC often represent the commuter population of New College, but this is a year like no other isn’t it? They are the liaisons for the off-campus students of New College and this year they represent most of us. They are the ones that address our struggles as commuter and now tele-commuter students when it comes to NCSC events, services, and activities.

Education and Philanthropy Commissioner

This person’s responsibilities focus on planning and undertaking projects related to educational or charitable work, which includes providing a volunteer opportunity for New College students each month. This member of NCSC is also the liaison with the Career Centre, The Math Aid Centre, and The Writing Centre. For the students that have a heart of gold and a passion for education and selflessness, you may get along very well with this person.

Social Commissioners

There are often a total of 4 Social Commissioners and their duties prioritize the social experience of New College Students. They host monthly social events for all of us to enjoy and make new friends. They handle the events that may take your mind off stresses and introduce you to your potential new best friends.

Athletics Commissioners

I like to consider these people the “sporty ones” of the bunch. The Athletics Commissioners oversee the intramural events and recreation. They’re the ones that handle all things New College Intramurals, so to all you New College athletes, they have a say in what intramurals will be like for you during this pandemic.

Equity Commissioner

This commissioner ensures NCSC’s commitment to anti-oppressive policies and projects. The Equity Commissioner makes sure that the NCSC events are equitable for all students. This person always has you and your needs in mind and prioritizes that your experience with anything related to NCSC is as fair as possible.

Mental Health and Wellness Commissioner

The Mental Health and Wellness Commissioner ensures that NCSC stays committed to mental health and wellness when considering policies and projects. This commissioner’s main priority is your health and safety. 

Fun Fact: This position was recently added last year. I call that progress!

Sustainability Commissioner   

The Sustainability Commissioner ensures the commitment to sustainability with NCSC’s policies and projects. It’s positions like this, that really help the environment and contribute to slowing down climate change. I’m interested to see how they plan to implement sustainability despite most of staying at home, away from New College.

Well, there you have it. You now have a sense of how you want each person to lead, represent, and support you.

Pitch Perfect quote: I mean, you're welcome! 

None of that matters if you don’t vote. Keep in mind that some candidates may be running uncontested, but based on your educated decision, if you believe that a candidate is unfit for the position and will do more harm than good for New College, you have the option to spoil your vote (not have it count) or choose “Candidate’s Name – No”. You are the one that holds the power in this election. Please use it wisely.

You have time to get to know all the candidates on the NCSC Fall Elections Facebook Group; I encourage you to watch the recording of Forum Night, where all the candidates spoke about their plans for this year and answered questions from constituents like yourself. Once you’ve logged into the voting page and have clicked on the ballot for NCSC, you’ll also see each candidate’s short statement about who they are and why you should vote for them. And I’m sure they would still be delighted to answer any questions you have for them and how they plan on making this… uhm… special year… one that you can get on board with.

That’s it for my coverage of the election, so for now I’ll say–

To be continued…