by Erica Ly

It’s as if summer vacation had just ended yesterday. Back when we were (read: are still) struggling to re-establish a working sleep schedule, while debating after finishing math problems, whether another hour of sleep “maximized utility” over an episode of Suits. Nonetheless, gone are those days, and fast approaching are midterms.

Amidst these hectic times where we all begin to make a mad dash from the starting line, I am excited to introduce myself as one of your official 2016-2017 bloggers for The New!

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My deep advice for the day: Progress is progress no matter how little so don’t give up.
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Skipping the favourite colour and food drivel, my name is Erica Ly and I am a first-year undergrad student studying in the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto!

Having lived near Toronto my whole life, I am accustomed to the fast-paced and loud city life as well as the suburban living my hometown has to offer. What I am not yet used to is the two-hour, one-way commute I have to balance with 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. classes via almost every mode of transportation possible.

(Feel free to comment to put me in my place if you have it worse than me :). I’ll take no comments to mean that I have the most strenuous commute at U of T, haha).


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Despite this, the “that must be hard” comments in response to my commute do give me encouragement to persist and prevail by the end of the year (you will see if this remains true by the time I make my last post in April).

When I’m not trying to learn new dance choreographies (i.e. BTS), randomly belting out Disney songs, taking pictures of anything aesthetic (yes, I take pictures of my food before I eat it if it looks that good), or petting every dog I see, I am a massive advocate for extracurricular participation. Volunteering, joining clubs and associations that I am dedicated and passionate about, such as Toastmasters, keep me on campus (and on one of the last GO buses home) almost daily; so it’s quite easy to bump into me on my way. If you ever see me around, feel free to stop and say hi!

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BTS perform “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

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(^ Sky-high standards but) successfully performing a complicated dance is an example of how perseverance can pay off…

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Hoping you’ll remember me as more than just “the girl with the long commute”, my goal is to write posts focusing on the real living and everyday needs of a student at U of T, with nothing held back. From ways to budget the cheapest meal as a commuter or in residence, to Honesty Hour interviews with your first-year professors for tips on getting a high GPA!

In the best scenario, as a fellow freshman or even upper-year student, you will find my posts and the other articles on this site relatable, and as inspiring as Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. The New isn’t only about us who write it, it’s about you! So feel free to leave a comment suggesting a future topic, or simply to drop a greeting. I look forward to communicating with you all!

Erica Ly

The baby stroller casually passing by adds to the aesthetic of the picture, right?