by Erica Ly

“The End” – story books and fairy tales have taught us that those two simple words signify the neat closure of seemingly never-ending, epic journeys. But reality shows us that endings and closings are some of the most difficult experiences to express in words. Whether you are writing an essay and need that final, perfect closure that will stick in your professor’s mind and land you that “A”, or saying your goodbyes as you graduate and leave the past behind, what is the best way to capture that feeling of “happily ever after”, especially in a world where we know happiness can never come alone?

It isn’t enough to plainly tell you, as readers who have followed Lakshmi’s and my own random adventures into different topics every week, that I will remember every moment I spent writing for The New. I will never forget the document I made with pages of ideas I had planned for this blog, and how surprised I was to run through the list in the blink of an eye.


I will never forget the number of times I achieved the gold medal in writer’s block when no planned subject seemed to fit.


I will especially remember how easy it was for me to fall into this daily routine, dedicating time out of each day to work on a post, adding my thoughts to yours in the comments section, and including a block in my timetable specifically for weekly blog meetings.


But university isn’t entirely as easy as living through my writing on pages in a blog.

Balancing the planning and executing of events as Rotman Galbraith’s Finance as well as being Events Lead, participating in extracurriculars, being involved with student groups that I want to have a voice in, synching timetables for group projects, studying for exams, completing projects and homework, while still having at least five hours of sleep a day wasn’t a piece of cake for me.

Commuting was my biggest worry from day one, and it still is. Every moment I wrote about in my “Commuter Cheat Sheet – Part 1 & Part 2” was a tiny part of the experiences I’ve had as an off-campus student with a six-hour commute via bus, train, subway, and more, and morning and night classes.

Erica Ly (L), with Galbraith House Team

Being a part of the captain/exec team for Rotman’s Galbraith House (first generation).


Plus, it isn’t to say that I can only highlight the reality-checks I have to give my eager, and extremely enthusiastic “first-blog-post self”. Something must be said about perseverance and not giving up. In my introduction, I highlighted how much I loved dancing, and singing along to BTS in particular, as a hobby. It was something like an unofficial “extracurricular” of mine, which I personally never thought I would be able to keep up in my university life. But this summer, I will be able to see every dance choreography performed live as I attend the group’s concert, for the first time. This is the dose of encouragement and motivation for me to keep up with my interests while balancing my school life, that I never expected to receive.


Those details are the ones that this blog has helped me keep track of, as my first-year journey passed by in the blink of an eye. I will treasure my time here, not only for those hours of laughter, planning, and insightful conversations with our creative manager and editor Siri Hansen, Lakshmi, and myself – a small but mighty team – and meeting readers at our event; but because I never would have imagined that I could take my small passion for writing and share it with others in my university.

Maybe you found this blog out of the blue, maybe it was something you searched for with Google, perhaps it was because you asked me to hang out on a rare day that I wasn’t in a rush to commute home, only for me to say that I have to write for my college blog. Whatever it was that brought you to our pages, I am grateful.

If my posts have ever made you smile, feel less alone on a campus amongst thousands, or helped you out of a hard time, that will be my “happily ever after” on this blog, kept away in an archive of memories.

Someday, I hope to be able to continue sharing my thoughts and writing with you all. In the meantime, if you ever see me on campus, feel free to reach out or even message me questions or concerns you may have on Facebook 🙂 !

I’m excited to pass the baton on to the two new bloggers for The New, and for them to share their new stories with you. But if you’re ever bored and wish to reread anything from us, this isn’t the end: we’re only a scroll of the mouse away.

A cartoon snail waving hello.

I began blogging for The New with a snail, so it’s only right that I end it that way too.