by Lakshmi Sadhu

Greetings, fellow New Collegians! My name is Lakshmi Sadhu, and I am THE NEW blogger for The New! I am also quite proud of that pun.


Someone once said – and by someone I mean Spider-Man’s uncle Ben – that with great power comes great responsibility. While I myself take no responsibility for investigating the true origin of that quote, I am well aware of how lucky I am to be given such a platform to be able to connect with my fellow comrades of New College. Many of you reading The New might be first-years, and that is a responsibility I do not take lightly. I truly hope my upcoming posts help you discover new exciting things about Toronto and U of T, in addition to helping you successfully navigate through the crazy perils of student life!


I was born in a small and inconsequential tropical city in the Southern part of India called Vijayawada. I moved to the Middle East a year later, and spent the rest of my adolescence in Dubai. The scorching heat of Dubai’s sun still runs through my veins, so if you see someone looking eerily familiar to the Michelin Man over the course of the new few months as winter sets in, you’ll know exactly who it is.

I am currently a fifth-year philosophy specialist, with a minor in East-Asian Studies. Naturally, all these years of rhetoric has left me with a deep affection for all things philosophy. These days especially, I have found myself exceedingly enamoured with books on Monistic Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. When I am not buried under all my readings and due essays, you can find me in line at your local Chatime feeding my tea addiction.

I also love travelling, and exploring different cultures and cuisines. Two of my recent adventures involved trekking through the Himalayan range, and a road trip in Ladakh. Iceland and South Korea are my dream destinations.

Colorful kirkjufellsfoss

Kirkjufellsfoss (Church Mountain Falls) in Iceland. Who wouldn’t want to visit this place?
Photo: Mari Wirta, Flickr


Another view of Kirkjufellsfoss – I have to go here!
Photo: Ævar Guðmundsson, Flickr

I look forward to this journey that I, and you, fellow reader, will be taking for the rest of the school year. This blog is not a one-way street, but rather a portal into both of our lives. I am super stoked to read your comments and hear about your own experiences. Don’t hesitate to say “Hello!” if you ever spot me on campus!