By Mina Todosijevic

At the risk of being cliche, university is a time when you make so many memories and go through a multitude of formative and fantastic experiences. I recently got to participate in U of T’s snow battle, which was essentially an enormous snowball fight on front campus. It was absolutely amazing; pretty much two hours spent running around making instant friends and dying of laughter as I got pelted with snowballs for dressing like Waldo. So, this week I went around and asked people what moments and experiences at U of T stood out to them.


Name: Ruwanthi Mudalige

Faculty: Architecture

Year: 3rd Year

My favourite memory at U of T happened during my first year, when I was living in residence at New College. For Halloween, we had a huge competition/event where you had to decorate your hall according to a theme, and then perform skits. My group had people acting like the Kardashians, someone acting like James Bond and other TV/movie themes. Between them, there would be an “ad break” in which we tried to incorporate the word “new” as much as we could. In the end, people got chased around and there was a murder scene. It was really something!



Name: Sauwmi Herman

College: Woodsworth College

Program: English and History

Year: 5th Year

My favourite experience was a few years ago, the peacock ball (A Party in the Peacock). It was basically a party hosted in the second floor of Robarts, complete with food and music and alcohol. It was really great to actually have fun at Robarts (who would have thought that would happen!).



Name: Olivia Hynes

College: St. Michael’s College

Program: Rotman

Year: 3rd Year

In my first two years at U of T, I shied away from getting involved on campus. Then, this past September, I volunteered with the UTSU as an orientation leader. It was without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had at U of T. Not only did I meet incredible people and walk with my college in the parade, I learned how rewarding it is to step out of my comfort zone and make the most of my U of T experience!



Name: Isidora Vidojevic

College: New College

Program: English and Diaspora and Transnational Studies

Year: 3rd Year

My favourite experience at U of T was a class called Literature for our Time (ENG140) with Professor Nick Mount. Professor Mount was a fantastic lecturer and he introduced me to amazing poets. For one of the lectures, he got a guest speaker who was a poet, singer and songwriter to perform the songs he wrote and explain the meaning of them. It was awesome!


After talking to everyone, I was really surprised that, in addition to what you just read above, literally everyone mentioned a class as one of their favourite memories. While everyone I interviewed is obviously at U of T for the academics, classes are usually considered on the work side of the work/fun scale. It was so great to hear how many people had been deeply impacted by a fantastic class or lecturer.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favourite memories at U of T? Let us know on Facebook!