By Hannah

I have an overactive mind. As soon as I complete one task, I am thinking of the next. I know this type of thinking and constant obsessing over things is not good for me in any way, so I have recently decided to integrate meditation into my weekly routine, and I thought I would share some tips with you!

I used to meditate only in times of stress – by this I mean when I was up at 3:00am writing a paper that was due the next morning and panicking profusely. Thankfully, my study habits are much healthier and I don’t need to do that now – but if any of you ever find yourself in a situation like that I highly recommend a 10-minute guided mediation to recharge. Making meditation a more regular part of my routine has had positive effects, and if you would like to try it out too – here are some of my thoughts on getting started!

A person meditating at sunset

Photo by Moyan Brenn

If you’re an absolute beginner, I recommend a guided meditation. You can find them on YouTube (like these ones here or here) or you can download an app (such as Headspace) or podcast (such as Meditation Oasis and Learn to Meditate) that gives you guided meditation on the go. You can even find guided meditations pertaining to what you’re going through. For example, you can find guided meditations to help you boost productivity, sleep better and relieve stress! Just as a disclaimer, some of the meditations can have strange introductions, so I usually like to skip into them a bit.

If you are more seasoned with meditating, or just don’t fancy the idea of someone instructing you (it can be a little weird at first), you can go the mantra route. I find it best to do this to music or white noise, my favourite being the sound of waves. (I also like the Relax Melodies app.) You can go traditional and recite “om” repeatedly, or you can come up with your own mantra. For example, if you are stressed about an exam, you can repeat something like “you know the material, you will succeed”. I am aware that it sounds totally corny, but I promise it does wonders for your stress and confidence levels.

I think the biggest thing I have learned in this (still in progress) meditation journey, is that it takes time. There is no point in getting stressed out if your brain is jumping around, because that is just counterintuitive to everything that meditation is about. It might seem like a gimmick or a cheesy thing, but it really has positively impacted my life.

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