By Hannah

It’s officially nearing the end. Once this post has been published, I will have completed all of the work for my undergrad degree. In celebration/some kind of nostalgic episode, this week’s post is going to be a photo recap of my past four years at U of T.

Here are some snaps from my first year, including frosh week and my dorm room. I was really proud of that room; it was my magical haven away from home.

Hannah and her friends during orientation week

Hannah and her friends playing in water during orientation week

Hannah's dorm room

Here are some photographs from some exploring and adventures:

A forest

An outdoor corridor

Hands covered in paint

The aftermath of an all-day art project in Queen’s Park!

A snowy view of front campus

A snowy view of campus

A Hey Rosetta! concert

A Hey Rosetta! concert

The Toronto Santa Claus parade

The Toronto Santa Claus parade

My undergrad has been a fantastic combination of adventures, learning and exploring – some of which I’ve been able to share in these photos. Below are some of my favourite places – High Park, Sonic Boom (record store) and Hart House Library.

Hannah and a friend stan near the water in High Park

Sonic Boom record store

A coffee and an open book on a bench in Hart House Library

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the photographic highlights from my undergrad, though they will never fully encapsulate the great time I’ve had.

What are some of your highlights? Let me know on our Facebook page!