By Mina Todosijevic

Exams are coming up soon!

One of the downsides of having a huge campus like U of T St. George is a lack of centralized resources listing pre-exam relaxation sessions and opportunities. I have felt first-hand the pain of finding out about therapy puppies over Facebook hours after they left. To save others this trauma, here is a compilation of pre-exam resources and events, all aimed at softening the intense stress of this coming month:

ASSU’s semi-annual Exam Jam is taking place Monday, April 6. They’ve planned a day full of activities (running from 11am-3pm) at Sid Smith. In addition to study spaces, there will be snacks, therapy dogs, massages, fro-yo and caricatures, as well as exam reviews held for certain classes.

A caricature artist at work

Photo by Liz West

The New College Office of Residence and Student Life is hosting a Studyfest on April 8. Wanting to up the ante from the therapy dogs which usually crowd the campus this time of year, ORSL is bringing “A Roo to New”. That’s right, a real live kangaroo – and that’s just the beginning. New College will also be hosting a fox, owl, camon, kinkajou, sugar glider, chinchilla, bunny, hedgehog and some reptiles/amphibians. For those of you who are not animal people, there will also be a free waffle bar, food and coffee, and crafts and other activities.

The Multifaith Centre is still running meditation, tai chi and yoga classes! Exercise and meditation are both great for focus, memory and overall well-being.

A person practicing yoga on a beach

Photo by Nathan Rupert

Know of any other de-stress opportunities happening on campus this month? Let us know on our Facebook page!