By Hannah

One of my favourite things about New College is all of the programs it offers to help us succeed in life once we graduate. I had the privilege of attending the reception for one of these programs a couple of weeks back—the Career Mentorship Program. To give you a brief overview of the program: it pairs third- and fourth-year students with an alum who works in a field they are interested in, who mentors them throughout the winter semester.

Students at the 2015 career mentorship reception

I spoke with aspiring professionals (mentees) and professionals (mentors) in the program from a massive array of fields, including but not limited to: nursing, neuroscience, marketing, law, medicine, finance and public health.

While a lot of the mentees said they know they are interested in taking the same career path as their mentors, and are excited to get a taste of what it will be like, some said they are using the program to see if the career is the right choice for them. Other mentees said while they are unsure of what they want to do after graduation, they are interested in learning about the opportunities within their mentors’ fields.

Alumnus Joseph Mapa and students at the 2015 career mentorship program reception

The mentors spoke with the same excitement and anticipation for the potential of their partnership. The mentors wanted to share their passion, and expressed they were “hoping to help out someone else who was in [their] shoes many years ago.”

Connecting with someone who is where you want to be, and was where you are, is an invaluable experience. Even I, someone who is not in the program, left the reception feeling inspired by the success of people who once studied at New like me. I cannot imagine how enriched the mentees are going to be at the conclusion of the program!

Students and an alumna at the 2015 career mentorship program reception

One of the mentors, Joseph Mapa, received special recognition for his commitment to the program since 2004. He presented a speech that seemed to leave everyone in the room excited about the program. In his speech he said the “mentorship [program] is a framework to learn more” and it is “creating and inspiring energy for a great future.” Though the reception was the initiation of the program, you could already feel the energy and inspiration in every mentee in the room.

Joseph Mapa speaks at the 2015 career mentorship program reception

The Career Mentorship Program bridges the gap between university and “the real world.” Though the application period for this year has already passed, make sure you keep an eye on your inbox this fall for the announcement of the next round of applications!

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