By Hannah

I consider myself somewhat of a library aficionado. There is something really wonderful about beautiful places filled with books. In my first year here at U of T, I made a pledge to try out all of the libraries on campus. Now in my fourth year, I am very close to that goal. From my nearly four years of research, here is a breakdown of my favourite, most underrated libraries on campus. There is more to our wonderful library system than just Robarts. Really!

1. Caven Library (Knox College)

Caven Library at Knox College

In my opinion, this is definitely the most underrated library on campus. It has a fantastic study atmosphere and huge windows. But more importantly, if you want to feel like you go to Hogwarts, this is the place to study.

2. Hart House Library

Hart House library

This library has a cozy feel, with tables and beautiful window seats to suit all study needs. There is a large communal table in the centre of the library with lots of outlets to charge your laptop, too!

 3. Emmanuel College Library

Emmanuel College library

Photo Credit: U of T Digital Media Bank/Jason Krygier-Baum

If you can’t already tell, there is a theme with the type of libraries I generally gravitate towards. Big windows, traditional architecture and a generally cozy aura seem to be where I find study happiness.

4. Graham Library

Graham Library

Graham is located in the Munk School of Global Affairs, and is the library I frequent the most. What is great about Graham is there is a lot of variety – there are big tables, couches and cubicles, so there is something for everyone. They have a friendly staff, and on the upper floors there is lots of natural light.

5. Ivey Library

D.G. Ivey Library

This post would not be complete without including New’s very own library! Ivey has computers just for New College students, and big windows upstairs! Plus, it’s near everything New College related, so you never have to feel disconnected!

That sums up my views on the most underrated libraries on campus! Are there any underrated gems that I forgot to mention? Let us know on our Facebook page!