Toronto has fantastic sightseeing destinations available, ranging from Niagara Falls to Ripley’s Aquarium to the CN Tower. Big tourist attractions often capture the interest of visitors and locals. This has led to people not knowing about some of other special spots that Toronto has to offer. There’s a long list of hidden locations to visit in Toronto and this post is dedicated to them. See how many places you already know!

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is located on the Toronto Islands, with the boreal forest surrounding the lighthouse. It opened in 1808, and it is one of the oldest structures in Toronto – and the oldest lighthouse by the Great Lakes. Behind its walls lies a mystery: the first lighthouse keeper was murdered by a person, or persons, unknown.

Chester Hill Lookout

Chester Hill Lookout resembles Mont Royal in Montreal. In the movies, Chester Hill Lookout would be the destination where the boyfriend drives the girlfriend before they sit on top of the car to watch the sunset in the far valley. This lookout provides a spectacular view of the Toronto city skyline and really makes you appreciate the beauty that the city has to offer.

Queen Street West

Take an afternoon to walk the length of Queen Street West, a distance of 5.6 km, and you will notice some of the unique artwork and architecture that Toronto has to offer. There are also unusual independent stores that sell specialty items or bizarre gadgets. Keep your eyes open and be sure to look down the laneways as you go by – you will most likely notice some creative graffiti art.

Sherbourne Common Park

Located along the paths of Waterfront, this community park features a lot of green space, a pavilion, art sculptures and an ice rink. It is fairly quiet throughout the year. One can enjoy a picnic or a walk or just lying around on the grass while enjoying the view of the lake and the peaceful side of Toronto.

Cloud Gardens Conservatory

Have you ever seen a forest in the downtown core of a city? The Cloud Gardens Conservatory is a small tropical cloud forest park located right by Nathan Phillips Square. The conservatory, often described as an urban oasis, also features a greenhouse with exotic plants and tree ferns all year round.


As someone who has previously worked in the tourism industry, I truly believe that these destinations play a big role in making Toronto unique. Many people think of Toronto as a busy metropolitan city mainly filled with people rushing around doing business . However, the spots mentioned above highlight other aspects of Toronto, where nature, beauty and art flourish.

So what do you think of tourism in the 6? Isn’t it so much cooler than you expected? Did you know all of these places before I mentioned them? Or do you have another place that I should include? Comment below!