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Blogs. GIFs. Jokes. New.

Long ago, the three bloggers wrote irrelevant content together in harmony. Then, everything changed when restructuring attacked. Only the Communications department, newfound master of all three bloggers, could stop it, but when the college needed them most, they had only just been hired.

A hundred semesters passed, and my Readers and I discovered the new Student Blogger, an English major named Sarim. Although his storytelling skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to write anything. But I believe… Sarim can save the world.

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Hello dear Reader, and welcome to The NEW.

Now get lost.

I’m kidding, you can stay! However, today’s post is not quite for you. I’m still posting it publicly for all to see, so there’ll be something to enjoy regardless. These words, though, are directed at one person in particular. A person who, with any luck, is far better at commanding your attention than I am. A person with flair, pizazz, and at least one more synonym for this concept. A person I cannot wait to meet over Zoom while chilling in a bunker someday.

The person who will succeed me on The NEW.

See, marvellously endearing as my voice may be, I’m not actually going to be here forever. I’m going to graduate, find my path in life, fall in love… Or at least, that’s the plan. Right now I’m just trying to make my way to that first part. I digress.

With that, there will inevitably be a new student blogger around these parts. As any good predecessor should, I want to prep this daring young wordsmith. Give them an idea of what to expect. I don’t know if you’ve realised, dear Reader, but you’re incredibly demanding. Between people clamouring to be on Leaders of the New and figuring out how to make a whole interview sound super fun, I’ve done a lot for you shmucks.

And I have loved every second.

Alright, that’s enough on you. Having written and experimented as much as I have, I wanted to reflect on my time here at The NEW specifically. Think about lessons learned, give relevant advice, that sort of thing. Maybe even make a request or two, who knows? For now, let us all now turn our attention to the person soon to be in my seat.

Hello friend. We’ve been expecting you.

Alright first thing’s first: meet your deadlines fam.

I know, that’s generic as hecc but you’d be surprised how often I’ve needed reminding. Deadlines are a bane, even when doing what you enjoy. Set realistic ones, and remember to communicate when they can’t be met.

Or, y’know, ghost your editor for a couple days. That’ll go down real well.

Speaking of terrible ideas, for the love of God don’t take seven courses. Or even six. That’s an evil you simply don’t need in your life. Trying to write hilarious blog content while drowning under seven essays at once is like trying to write hilarious blog content while drowning under seven essays at once. It kills your creativity, and risks making you repetitive.

Good thing it never hit me like that.

On the note of creativity, feel free to play around with this! Establish your own voice and write something new (I swear I didn’t mean that pun). Also, explore our college. Talk to people I couldn’t manage to. The wonderful people at the International Foundation Program office. The friendly caretaking staff, keeping us all afloat behind the scenes. Whoever actually hangs out in Wetmore. You never know what you might find.

zuko meets sokka: a horror story

Don’t wander too far, mind you. It’s important to make this about New College, not just random stuff like the dark ages of the blog before our time.

See, there used to be three (3) student bloggers every year. We had a number of listicles, generic sentiments, and personal deep dives that, though enlightening and heartwarming, only appealed to New students of similar circumstance. There was little for us all to read and immediately recognise ourselves in.

Y’know, like a story about a crazy rich ex. Now that’s relatable content.

Don’t get me wrong, I wrote a listicle of my own. One could even argue Leaders of the New is just a fancy list of random people. At the very least, however, it was centred on the college. Plus, I roasted people for all to see. Can’t deny quality content when you see it.

I should also probably explain that intro story. Like I said, with the advent of our Communications department this year, a shift occurred. Where there once were three, there is now but one — only one Student Blogger was hired (it me). This was done in the hopes of calming the cacophony of voices that resounded before. Or because the Communications crew simply didn’t exist before October. Potato tomato. Either way, the new model will likely continue (I hope). If you think about it, then…

…I am the beginning of a new Avatar cycle.

Hahahaha no.

Think about it! The old ways have burned, and we have risen from the ashes. A title aside, there is nothing attaching us to the bloggers of old. This position of writing, this power, lies with us and us alone. The cycle has begun anew. You are now the Avatar. You are so incredibly important. A significant part of my personal legacy now rests on your shoulders.

No pressure, darling.

Jokes aside, I don’t genuinely expect some grand continuation of what I’ve done. Keeping Leaders of the New might be nice. New is made of leaders, and keeping that going reflects our changing faces over the years. But there’s so much more you can do! Add new dimensions to the posts! Make your own series! Maybe even get a little Unnecessarily Dramatic. Have your own thing outside of your voice that makes the blog truly yours. Wrest it from me as best you can. Leave nary a trace of the dashing blogger of 2019/2020.

Do me proud.

Above all else, dear Successor, take your time. The NEW is a gold and green glove, guided by your hand alone. Grow into it. Your Readers will thank you for doing so.

That’s about it. I do hope you’ve found something of use in all this. I’ll be seeing you once your tenure begins. Y’know, to make sure my baby’s in good hands. You’ve been warned.

Don’t worry if this feels sudden, though. There’s one final post left for me to write. One last hurrah.

I’ll show you how to leave with a bang.

Well, that was one way to turn venting into content.

I’m excited for my successor. If they have a readership half as brilliant as you, dear Readers, they’re in for a good time.

I’ll see you in the final post next week.

Till next we meet,