By Mina Todosijevic

Many of my arts friends are already done school, having eschewed exams for in-class final tests and papers. However, even if your exams run to the last possible day this year (the 19th), you have 16 school-free days.

Now, we here at The New understand the struggle of jumping from school-centred days (because of course, every part of your life revolves around it) to the terrifying prospect of freedom.

We’ve suggested some activities to ease you into the unknown abyss of the school holidays:

You could ride the Bloor line on the TTC aimlessly, and make 250 return trips from Kipling to Kennedy.

Assuming that pronouncing a number takes one second, you could count to 1,382,400 digits of Pi.

You could watch 2.59 centimetres of grass grow.

A typewriter

Photo by Tim Hamilton

You could type the word useless 979,200 times.

A scarf

Photo by litlnemo

You could knit 12.24 meters of scarf.

You could read the entirety of the Game of Thrones series 4.65 times.
A poster from the first Twilight film
You could marathon the twilight movies 47.5 times.

I hope this post will guide you during this dark, dark time.

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