By Hannah

I really love living in the city. It’s bright, bustling and there is always something to do. However, I am a small-town girl at heart. Sometimes the city life becomes a bit too fast for me and I need some quiet spaces in nature where I can just slow down. This week on the blog, I’m going to share with you my top five places in the city, for when you “just can’t city anymore”.

 1. High Park

High Park

This is an obvious one, but it needed to be on the list. High Park is gorgeous year round, and has lots of trails to explore.

 2. Discovery Walk

The Discovery Walks system is all over the city, and is great for getting your hiking fix in without leaving the city. (View a list of trails to explore.)

3. Allen Gardens

Allen Gardens

I recently stumbled upon this greenhouse and it is absolutely beautiful. There are benches inside if you want to sit in tranquility, or you can aimlessly wander around and revel in the beauty. (It’s free!)

4. Riverdale Farm

The farm is close to Allen Gardens, so you can make a double trip out of this one! There’s a petting zoo, trails, soccer fields – you name it. You can’t hear cars when you’re inside, either.

5. Med Sci Building

Okay, so this one doesn’t really make you feel like you are out of the city, but if you need a nature fix and don’t have time to leave campus, it does the trick. The atrium inside is a beautiful, green place to eat lunch, chat or de-stress a little.

Are there any get-away-from-the-city-while-not-leaving-the-city places I missed? Let me know on our Facebook page!