By Demi Lee Habits and routines can be really hard to let go of. Once we allow ourselves to cohere to a pattern, disrupting it can make us feel really…read more

I Love Summer

By Demi Lee If you haven’t noticed by the lingering smell of fertilizer around campus, the weather is fortunately turning around—in fact, at the time of writing this entry, spring…read more

Demi’s Top 3 Libraries

Beyond the classroom/cafeteria/lounge/bedroom, whether it’s for catching up on readings, writing essays, making notes and/or taking those blissful-though-short naps, there’s always a library you can depend on. Like the chocolate…read more

Exam Cram: A Comic

By Demi   Cramming is never good (but I end up doing it anyway, haha). You can bet you will see me in the Ivey Library during exam season! Speaking…read more