Defederation? (An UTSU Controversy)

As University of Toronto students, we are represented by the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU). Established in 1901, UTSU is currently the second largest student union in all of…read more


Classroom Etiquette (A Rant)

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date with the goings-on of U of T, the April Exam Schedule was released just before reading week. Somehow I always…read more


Winter Blahs

It’s February, and it’s cold and miserable outside…oh and hey midterms are going on too. The beginning of this month basically is a recipe for disaster. Not being the biggest…read more


ExploreTO: Winterlicious!

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The NCSC Annual General Meeting

On February 11th 2013, the New College Student Council (NCSC) will be hosting its second Annual General Meeting from 6 to 7pm in Wilson Lounge. This event is open to all…read more

Service Learning: Yay or Nay?

Looking to choose your courses each year can be a difficult thing. Paging through the calendar listings, reading about the hundreds (thousands?) of courses that U of T offers can…read more

Stay Safe on Campus

When I was in high school and researching universities, one of the main deciding factors for me was that I wanted to live in a big city. I’ve heard people…read more