This is important to me.

Despite the number of times that jokes degrading women have been masqueraded behind laughter and the defense that “it’s just a joke”, these jokes are not just jokes. Whether conscious…read more

On study tips and surviving exams

“Action expresses priorities” said Gandhi. …Easier said than done, friends! I like to think I prioritize school, and yet this video sums up my study habits pretty neatly in less…read more

That awkward moment when…

U of T is big. Even if we don’t know much about the history of the school (besides what Wikipedia tells us), we know that our campus is fairly wide-spread.…read more

Bleeding Green & Gold

On Monday you read Francesca’s reflections on closed doors and open windows – perhaps she was the unconscious inspiration to this post (thanks, girl) or perhaps March is just a…read more

Hot Yam!

Remember last time when I blogged about having a U of T secret? I have another.  And this one is delicious. Hot Yam! (HY!) ( is a student-run initiative started…read more

Know The New?

EYYYYYY!!! We hope you recognize that greeting from Frosh, otherwise this is embarrassing. In other news, welcome to The New!  This is where we – Francesca and Julia – will…read more