A New Goodbye

By Samia Tasmim Here we are, at my final post of the term. Oddly enough, this is one of those cases where my mind virtually went blank when I started writing…read more

New in Niagara

By Samia Tasmim We are fully in exam mode right now. Yet, the gorgeous weather makes me daydream of the places I’ll soon be visiting in the summer. In fact,…read more

The FLC Experience

By Samia Tasmim As The New blogger, I always get to interview awesome people. So last week, I came across four “FLCees” as they are affectionately called. FLC stands for…read more

The International Experience

By Samia Tasmim Fact: Over a quarter of New College students are here on student visas, and over 50% of NC students identify a language other than English as their…read more

A Brief History of Goliath Gnu

By Samia “It’s a moose!” “It’s a snoopy dog thing!” It’s Goliath Gnu! Recently, my friend asked, “So, what’s with the Gnu mascot?” I said, “It’s a cool pun.” “Meh,”…read more