Hello Newly Admitted New College Students! This page is designed as a quick guide to: New College Orientation, All about Gnu, Events, and Websites!  While this is helpful information, it’s only the starting point for your journey at the University of Toronto. Beginning your University career may seem daunting, but the Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) is here to put you in touch with resources and make sure you have the university experience you want. If you have any questions about what you see on this webpage, email


What is ORSL?

The Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) is the main hub for all student activities at New College. ORSL serves all New College students and provides them with leadership opportunities, training, funding, and much more. They have a variety of programs such as the Commuter Dons and DRIVE: Leadership @ NEW, which helps new student leaders develop their leadership skills. This summer, ORSL will be hosting two Commuter Campus Days where newly admitted students can grab a free lunch, meet other new students, and get to know some upper year students at New.  Throughout the year, ORSL holds events such as Studyfest which helps students alleviate stress during the exam period. ORSL also facilitates the residence program, working with students who live in Residence, and helping the Residence Dons. ORSL also helps the New College Residence Council and New College Student Council, as they plan student events.


All about GnuGoliath

During your time at New College, you will come across the term ‘Gnu’.  Gnu is another name for Wildebeest, and the New College’s mascot Goliath is a Gnu.  You’ll often see Goliath during Student Council events (including orientation) usually wearing an outfit consisting of the New College colors (green, gold, and black).  New College consists of three buildings; Wetmore Hall, Wilson Hall and 45 Willcocks. New College integrates their student residences, academic spaces, and administration offices within these buildings.  This includes spaces and resources like the: DG Ivey Library, Registrar, Writing Centre, Office of Residence and Student Life, New College Student Council, New College Residence Council, Audrey Taylor Dining Hall, Student Centre and much more. These offices and services can help you during your time at New College, and all have information on the New College website.  We sincerely hope that you consider New your home away from home during your time at U of T, and we look forward to seeing you throughout the year!


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