View of two levels inside a library, with students studying visiible, as well as Indigenous art and a bust.

New College is committed to the provision of the highest quality of academic support, interdisciplinary programs, facilities for learning and residential experience, in ways that intentionally promote and foster social responsibility, diversity, equity and global awareness for all students (both commuters and residents), faculty, staff, colleagues, alumni and community partners of New College in and beyond the University of Toronto. 

As one of the seven college neighbourhoods on the St. George campus, New College aims to provide a rich learning community for students that encompasses academic support, facilities for study and social interaction, opportunities for co-curricular and community engagement and interdisciplinary academic programs. 

For our more than 5,000 undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) this means further developing our advising, academic support and co-curricular programs, with special attention to those from underrepresented groups. Our residences provide a nurturing environment for almost 800 FAS and professional faculty students, with opportunities to develop academically and personally. Our interdisciplinary academic programs, together with our partners in the Women and Gender Studies Institute and Human Biology, create an intellectual hub that aims to produce socially engaged learning and to cultivate diversification, internationalization and innovative pedagogies. Consistent with our academic mission and our focus on maximizing access to the University, our secondary school outreach and English-language programs align with the University’s goal of increasing opportunities for domestic and international students to live and study in Toronto.